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Uutisraivaaja is a media innovation contest organized by the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation. The contest seeks ideas for developing the distribution of information and creating sustainable business models for journalism. The idea can be a new way to gather or publish information online, for example, or a new revenue model for publishing content. You can participate by submitting your idea online.


The application period for Uutisraivaaja begins September 19th, 2016, and ends January 17th, 2017. The finalists will be chosen in March 2017, and the winner/s will be announced in the fall 2017.

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The best idea will be given the Uutisraivaaja Award for implementing the proposal.

A small number of proposals will be chosen as finalists, and they will receive seed funding to develop their proposals further.


The idea should be groundbreaking and improve the distribution of information. The idea must be first implemented in Finland, either nationwide or in a local community.

The application can be submitted either in Finnish or in English. Anyone can apply for the Uutisraivaaja Award: individuals, groups, organizations and companies. If the applicant is a company, the company must have been established by the time of submitting the application.

The applicant, or if a group applies, one of its members, must be at least 18 years old. The applicant must have his/her official place of domicile in Finland. If the application is submitted by a group, at least one group member must have an official place of domicile in Finland.


The application form is submitted electronically. Only electronic applications (link to the electronic application form) are accepted to the Uutisraivaaja-contest. Please read the following instructions carefully.

Important! We recommend that you write and edit your application first by using the Word-document, link below. After you have filled in the Word document on your computer and closely reviewed your responses, copy and paste your answers to the actual electronic application form, and submit the electronic application. Best luck to the contest! Please do not hesitate to contact the organizers of the Uutisraivaaja contest if you have any questions.

Note! Please note that you have to attach one attachment to your application at question number 10. The attachment is a visualization of your project. You can’t submit the application without the attachment. Please see the question number 10 for examples about the forms of visualization.

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Fill in the form below and pay particular attention to the following guidelines:

1) Be clear.
2) Be brief.
3) Show us that you know the field of your innovation: you know what kinds of services similar to your idea are already out there. Tell us how your idea is different―and better―than those.

Please keep in mind that the more thoroughly you have researched your innovation and its field, the more likely it is that you will succeed. Furthermore, the more effectively you can tell us how your idea differs from existing services and why yours is better, the more likely you are to succeed.